Africa Wildlife Calendar


Over the years I have taken hundreds of photos of wildlife in Africa.  Recently I selected some of my favorites and put them into a Zambia Wildlife Calendar.  The calendar runs for 18 months: July 2016 – December 2017.  Each month includes a wildlife photo or scenic picture taken in Zambia and there is a prayer reminder for the month.

All proceeds from this calendar go to an Orphan Scholarship Fund for qualifying young people who want to prepare for ministry at Central Africa Baptist College & Seminary,  The burden behind this is primarily help provide scholarships for children who have grown up at Faith Children’s Village and now wish to prepare for ministry at CABC.

We are asking for a minimum donation of $20 – please throw in another $2 if we are mailing the calendar to you.  You can donate online at this link.  Select the Scholarship Fund from the dropdown menu.

If you are donating online for the calendar, be sure to send me an email to let me know you have given online and I’ll get the calendar in the mail to you right away.

Thank you for your support!


Our USA Schedule for 2016

Hunt Family Prayer Card copy

Here is our schedule for meetings during our visit to the USA.  Look forward to connecting with many of our family, friends and supporters.  Our email address will remain  We can be reached on 603 769-4548 or 603 377 0461.






4/7/16 Depart for USA Lusaka
4/10/16 No Meeting New Hampshire
4/13-15/2016 CABC Board Meeting Greenville, SC Phil
4/17/16 All Day Calvary Baptist Church 618 Main St.

Mount Vernon IN 47620

4/22-24/2016 Heritage Baptist Church 186 Dover Point Road

Dover NH 03820

4/25/16 Prison Fellowship NH Phil
5/1/16 All Day Calvary Baptist Church Columbus, Ohio Phil
5/8/16 Mother’s Day – No Meeting New Hampshire
5/15/16 All Day Southwinds Baptist Church 16811 FM 2920

Tomball TX

Phil & Lori
5/21-22/2016 Conference Lakeshore Baptist Church 13664 Lakeshore Drive

Grand Haven MI 49417

5/29/16 Morning Merrimack Valley Baptist Church Merrimack NH Family/Cherith
5/29/16 Evening Grace Baptist Church Pepperell, MA Family/Cherith
5/30-6/3 Zambia Kitwe Phil
6/4-5/2016 Conference Bible Baptist Church Otsego, MN Phil
6/5/16 Evening Pryor Lake Baptist Church MSP Phil
6/9-17/2016 IBMGlobal Candidate Conference Merrimack NH
6/12/16 All Day Hill Village Bible Church Hill, NH Family
6/19 All Day Grace Baptist Church Muncy, PA Family
6/25/16 Austin & Rachel’s wedding Detroit, MI
6/26/16 Am Community Bible Church MI Family
6/26/16 PM FBC Lake Orion MI Family
7/7-18/2016 Conference in Zambia Kitwe Phil
7/10/16 Kitwe Church Kitwe Phil
7/17/16 Kitwe Church Kitwe Phil
7/24/16 AM Lakewood Baptist Church Waukesha, WI Family
7/24/16 PM Brookside Baptist Church Brookfield, WI Family
7/31/16 All Day First Southern Baptist Church Guthrie, OK Family
8/7-10/2016 Conference Trinity Baptist Church Westfield, IN Family
8/14/16 AM New England Bible Church Andover MA Family
8/21/16 All Day Killian Hills Baptist Church Lilburn, GA Phil & Lori
8/26/16 Depart for Zambia Boston

Announcing My Call To Full-time Ministry in Zambia

I am excited to announce that God has called me to Zambia as a missionary to the deaf! I couldn’t wait to let you know because I need you on my team! Let me explain:

The God of my past…

“What is that in your hand? Throw it on the ground!” These simple yet prolific words came from a chapel message on God’s call to Moses. As the speaker challenged the student body to allow God to use the seemingly insignificant things in our hands for the furtherance of His kingdom, I prayed through my tears, “God, I don’t have anything in my hands; the only thing I have IS my hands. I don’t know what you will do with them, but if you want to use them, they are yours.” Little did I know in that moment what a profound impact those words and my simple prayer would have on my life.

…and the God of my present…

The past several years I have been learning American Sign Language (ASL), and through the process, God has been growing my love for the deaf as one of the largest unreached people groups worldwide. My burden continues to increase as I’ve heard estimates that 95% of the deaf have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ! This past year, I have had the opportunity to work daily with a deaf boy while continuing my language skills through formal classes at a nearby college. The combined experiences have grown my desire to make an impact in the deaf culture.

…is the God of my future!

For the past year, I have wrestled and prayed about where and how God would have me act on this burden. Although I had nearly forgotten my prayer in chapel four years ago, God heard and answered. God has clearly led me to return to my Zambia “home” in December as a full time missionary. I will work with a church planting team, minister at Central Africa Baptist College (CABC), and begin outreach to the deaf in Kitwe. Future opportunities include: interpreting classes for deaf pastors desiring to study at CABC, teaching sign language classes for those interested in interpreting or starting deaf ministries, finding ways to reach deaf children who do not currently have language, and working with the deaf association in Zambia to continue developing the language and promoting deaf awareness/education.

Will you join my team?

I’m writing to you today to ask you to join me in this exciting next step. Between now and December, I am trusting God to provide $2944 per month to meet my living, housing, insurance, ministry, and travel expenses. Would you consider a monthly commitment to help me raise my support?

Valley Community Church is standing with me as my sending church and IBMGlobal has agreed to be my sending agency. IBMGlobal will serve as the collection point for support and will provide a receipt to all donors.

Above all else, please pray for me! I need wisdom to follow God’s call. I need faith to trust God to meet my needs as a single woman missionary. I need financial supporters who will partner with me for this work. There is much to be done between now and December; I’m excited to see how God will pull all of this together!

May God bless you,


Email: Cell: 313-265-7279

Support should be made out to IBMGlobal and sent to: IBMGlobal PO Box 607 Nashua, NH 03061

Or Donate Online:

April 2015 Travel Schedule

I would appreciate your prayers as I travel and minister over the next few weeks.  Hope to reconnect with many friends and prayer supporters.






4/9/15 4:50p Depart Zambia for USA Ndola
4/10/15 12:30 PM Arrive USA Boston
4/12-15/2015, 12:00:00 AM Trinity Baptist Church, Westfield, IN
4/19/15 Meadowlands Baptist Church Edmonton
4/20/15 12:30a Depart Edmonton Detroit
4/21/15 7:20p Depart Detroit Manchester
4/22-23/2015 CABC Annual Board Meeting Concord NH
4/26/15 Merrimack Valley Baptist Church Merrimack NH
4/27-5/1/2015 IBMGlobal Candidate Conference Merrimack NH
5/1/15 Depart Machester Indianapolis
5/3/15 Noblesville Baptist Church Indianapolis
5/5/15 7:10p Depart Boston


Churches Are Changing – Grow With It!

Churches are Changing.001

Something I notice each time I return to the States for a few weeks of ministry – churches are always changing.

Some of the churches I am privileged to speak in have been long-time supporters, some for more then 20 years now.  As a missionary I have the fascinating advantage of being an interested observer without having any real “skin in the game” as they say.

Change in churches is not something unique to the United States!  Churches on the mission field also change – if they are growing!

There are similarities and there are differences between what I see in churches in Africa and what I see in churches here in America.

Change in Africa can often be slow.  People there, like here, don’t seem to like change very much. Successful ministry in Africa is often viewed as carefully repeating the same routines and methods over and over… forever… even if there are diminishing returns and the church is dying a slow death!

When I came back to the States and move from one place to the next I can’t help but think about churches and change. We should be concerned and resist change that compromises the gospel or changes that minimize doctrine… but there is a lot of change happening that does not fall in either category.

This morning I received a thought provoking email from a retired pastor friend in the Midwest.  His comments stimulated some further thoughts of my own.  I have lifted Pastor’s main points and fleshed them out with my own missionary observations:

“Whoever heard of a church changing? Churches are always changing—if they are alive. Churches are always changing. Only the dead ones don’t.”

“We see this same scenario playing out again and again. You’ve belonged to that church for many years. You were attracted to it because of location and ministry, because you liked the pastor and the people were friendly. You have served the Lord there in numerous capacities and your children grew up there. You have a history with that church. And now …Now, it’s not the same church. There’s a new pastor and new leadership. They are attracting a different group of people from the lovely group that drew you in. You feel less and less a part of things. You’re not at home with many of the innovations they’re doing now.”

What should you do?

Recognize that churches are always in a state of change if they are alive.

“Every time someone joins your church or leaves it, the church changes. Every time a member begins to get serious about reading the Word or witnessing or tithing or ministering, or when they backslide, the church changes. It is never static, never a frozen entity.”

Churches in Africa change too… When change includes doctrinal deviation, that change is a cause for alarm! Many missionaries feel the same tension when they think of handing off ministry. They may fear that the new leadership will change things, so they delay or refuse to hand off. A question that we need to answer in our hearts is this: whose church is this? Christ’s? If we have done our part and laid the foundation, can’t we trust the Owner of the church long after we are off the scene? We can… and we must!

You yourself are growing and changing if you are alive and obedient.

There are many things that influence change in our own lives. Assuming that we love the Lord and are passionately pursuing His pleasure, we will experience growth… growth results in change.

As a missionary I am constantly interacting with new cultures and sub-cultures in different places. Sometimes that interaction is quite uncomfortable. Whether I know it or not I am making evaluations of the people, the priorities and the relational nuances in that culture. If I am to be effective, I must process cultural expressions in light of Scripture. I must evaluate what is right and wrong. My evaluation must also be in light of the implications on how my gospel message will be helped or hindered (Rom 8-9).

These interactions with various cultures around the world help me when I return to the US and travel from church to church. For good and for bad… the culture in the United States has changed drastically over the 22 years I have lived in Africa. If we are to engage this changing culture with the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ, our churches will experience changes.

The way we do missions in America is changing. The way churches relate to missionaries is changing… and must change. You may not like the fact that it is changing, but you will not stop it! Social media has been a driving force for change in the way that Christians interact with missionaries. Givers can see where their funds are going and have the ability to be as engaged and involved with their missionary as they wish. The flow of information about the world and to and from their missionaries all create change.

Your needs and requirements change.

I remember as a kid there were only a few food groups that I liked and a bucket list of food that I despised. Just about anything green was on the second list! I remember as a kid that broccoli made me sick. As I have matured through life I have developed a taste for broccoli! Life is like that.

As we interact with other cultures (even our own changing culture) our needs and requirements will change. I visit churches where they are still doing Sunday services the same way they did 25 years ago… the same tired songs in the same way. They same opening program for Sunday School. Everyone is dead, going through the motions without any spiritual, mental or heart engagement. Little wonder that the median age of the church is 60+. They have been left behind… their children and grand-children attend other churches.

The fact that you don’t have young families and college age folks in your church is not because the next generation is shallow or unspiritual… it may be a gracious wake-up call that there is a measure of change needed in your church!

Perhaps you are dragging your feet and resisting something the Holy Spirit is trying to do in your life.

“You are if you insist that the Lord do something again in the same way He did it before. You are dragging your feet and resisting Him if you reject new things simply because they are outside your comfort zone. Do you suppose Jonah felt comfortable going to Nineveh? Don’t you know it was way, way outside his comfort zone?”

Just because “we have never done it that way before” doesn’t mean it is wrong… doesn’t mean it is right either.  To shut change down for that reason is often code for, “I am comfortable with the status-quo.”

Hang out in a church for a few days and you can tell what “their thing” is. It should be the centrality of the gospel, the making of disciples and the faithful proclamation of the truth… and thankfully often it is.  There are times however, I leave a place thinking, “wow, in most of my conversations with pastor or staff or people this “issue” reinserted itself into the conversation again and again.” That church needs healthy change!

Worship in Africa has ruined me… in a good way! My brothers love to sing, from their hearts, with joy and passion. What about here in the US? Do you see that heart-felt, joyful abandoned worship in song from your mouth on a Sunday morning? I love the great old hymns of the faith… but what makes them great is the rich gospel truth they convey! It is exciting to me to see tunes to some of these greats updated! I’m excited to see modern hymns being written that resonate with my head, my heart and my emotions!

Perhaps the Lord has something new for you in the community and you should be in another church.

Change is never comfortable, and sometimes it is not biblical When this change happens it may be God’s way of cutting you loose from those ties that have bound you so you can move forward. Most church problems that I have witnessed through the years have nothing to do with doctrine! All too often they have to do with methods and even more with change!

Can’t stomach changing the color of the sanctuary or projecting hymns instead of using the hymnal? Don’t destroy your church over it!  Maybe God wants you to move on and find another fellowship! Remember we often we don’t see things quite as clearly as we think we do. Too often I hear people who feel they are “defending the faith” when in fact they are defending their traditions and church culture. (And there is good to be said about traditions and church culture, we ought not to be deconstructionists).  But sometimes there is necessary and helpful changes that will serve the gospel and our goal to make disciples in our Jerusalem.

Regardless of how many years you have been a Christian, what you are willing to fight about says a lot about the level of your spiritual maturity. Remember evil speaking, gossip, outbursts of anger and other spiritual infections are sinful and deadly no matter how “righteous” we feel our position is!

Are you open to new things? New ways? If you are not, you’re going to have trouble with the Lord Jesus.

‘“Behold,” the Lord said, “I make all things new” (Revelation 21:5). He wasn’t just talking about Heaven. He’s making me ever-new right now. Psalm 92:12-15 promises that. “The righteous will flourish. … They will still bear fruit in old age. They will be full of sap and very green.”’

So, what do you do when your church changes? Grow with it.

US October Ministry Itinerary

here am i_wide_t

From September 25 – October 24 I will be ministering in the USA.  This has become an annual trip for me, and each time as I prepare for it, I feel overwhelmed by the immensity of the opportunity and the task.  I need God’s power, protection and abundant wisdom.  My family needs God’s grace and protection as we are apart.

My prayer for this trip are captured in the words of Isaiah 6:8.  When Isaiah caught a glimpse of God’s holiness, he was painfully aware of his own unworthiness.  God mercifully cleansed his sin opened his ears to hear the heart of God.  Isaiah’s immediate response was “Here am I Lord, send me!”

The goals for this trip are:

  • Challenge Christ’s church to embrace global gospel ministry.
  • Raise financial support especially for the ministry of Central Africa Baptist College & Seminary (
  • Connect with current and future ministry partners for the work of Christ across Africa.

If you live in any of these areas I hope we will have a chance to meet and chat.  Thank you for your prayers!







9/25/14   Depart Zambia for USA Ndola    
9/28/14 AM Hermon Baptist Church Hermon, ME Garnette Chute SS & AM
9/28/14 PM Knox Ridge Baptist Church Knox, ME John Tabor Evening Service
10/1-10/5 Week Bible Baptist Church Matthews, NC Ron Allen Mission Conference
10/8/14 PM Faith Baptist Church Deltona, FL Byron Heshenroder Wednesday Prayer Meeting
10/12/14 AM Chestertown Baptist Church Chestertown, MD Mel Brindley SS & AM
10/12/14 PM Fairwinds Baptist Church Bear, DE Carlo DeStefano PM
10/16/14   NIU- Chapel Dunbar, WI    
10/18-10/20 Week Central Baptist Church Stephanson, MI Ben Boeshaar Mission Conference
10/21-10/23 Week BJU – MIssion Conference Greenville, SC    
10/22 PM Heritage Bible Church Greer, SC Danny Brooks Wednesday Prayer Meeting
10/24/14 Depart USA – Zambia Boston    

Paul’s Strategy For Missions

While looking through an old notebook today I ran across these helpful thoughts.  I’m not sure if they were original at the time or copied from somewhere else but they provide a helpful template to guide our missionary philosophy.

Here are missions strategy lessons we can glean from a study of the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul.

  1. Paul engaged those who were closest to understanding the truth of the gospel and worked out from there.
  2. Paul was daily engaged in the “marketplace” mixing it up with people where they worked and carried out everyday life.
  3. Paul moved forward on mission often following the network of believers God had brought to faith through his ministry or had brought into his life.
  4. Paul was driven by a higher motivation than money or personal safety and well being.
  5. Paul worked with his own hands when necessary – Sometimes to survive, other times so that he would not hinder the gospel.
  6. Paul was supported by both churches and individual christians: Thessalonica, Churches of Macedonia, Philippi, Rome, Aquilla & Priscilla, etc.

What are the implications for churches from Paul’s strategy?

  1. Churches have a responsibility in missions and financial capacity is NOT the issue: Obedience is.
  2. Go where the people are and mix it up with them for the purpose of developing opportunities for gospel proclamation
  3. Leadership must be proactive in leading the local church to mission involvement.
  4. Selecting worthy ministers to send and support is a critical component – avoid “money-grabbers” who are primarily looking for a job.  Support men who take ownership of the harvest and are willing to labor at great personal cost.
  5. Churches should expect missionaries to visit and communicate with them.

Missio Dei – The Mission of God in the OT

Missio Dei Image 001

Missio-Dei In The OT

Though there is no command to “Go” in the Old Testament  Missio-Dei (the Mission of God) is clearly displayed.

The History of the World can be summarized by the 7 C’s of History. (This is from Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis) 

For the sake of this post we will briefly consider the first four C’s.  The final three will be looked at in greater detail in the next lesson.

Creation (Gen 1-2).  

God created the world and crowned that with man who He created in His own image (Gen 1: 26-27).

Three implications of being created in the image of God:

  • Linked to the command to have dominion over the rest of creation.
  • Every human being is significant to God because God made them.  The sad reality is that “over and over again people connect to the idols made in their hearts rather than to the One who made them.”
  • We have a purpose for living: “we are to glorify God by delighting in Him as we exercise dominion over creation and are fruitful and multiply.”

Corruption (Gen. 3)

With the willful choice of Adam to disobey God, the human race was plunged into sin.  The affects of this sin can be seen immediately.  Adam and his wife hide from God in the Garden.  Fellowship is broken.  The colossal cover-up has begun!  Humans have been running and hiding and pretending that they are righteous ever since.

The story of mission begins from this point in early history!  The mission of God (Missio Dei) is God reaching out to mankind, asking them to choose sides in this cosmic war between Satan and Christ.

This warfare though being waged in the present, was fully won in the past.  The first promise of the salvation that God would provide is known as the protoevangelium.  Gen 3:15.

Catastrophe (Gen 6-9)

The drama unfolds with the first brother murdering his twin.  The wickedness of man fermented and grew until God rained down judgement through a global flood.  All but a remnant – Noah and his immediate family – were destroyed.  But God again points to His mission with the promise that God would dwell in the tents of Shem (Gen 9:27).  This is a preview that God’s mission would be carried out through a particular people.

Confusion (Gen 11)

It becomes evident that the sin and rebellion of Adam affected not only some individuals, but encompassed entire nations.  Society itself was affected by the fall.  A unified race of people came together to overthrow God and set up their own system of worship.

“After the fall, in their search to connect to the significance of being image bearers of their Creator, people build idolatrous systems designed to create a name for themselves.”

This is exemplified in the story of the Tower of Babel!

God divided the people by language and eventually by culture.  This division was a barrier to protect “against the prospect of unchecked sin made possible by a common language.”

Linguistic and cultural barriers remain today and are great obstacles to missionary work.

Call of A People Through Abraham

God called to a man named Abram, “leave your country, and go to a land that I will show you” (Gen. 12:1-3).  The focus shifts to one man, Abraham, who God would bless in order to bring blessing upon all the nations. God chose Abraham, called him and made a covenant with him. 

God made a promise to Abraham that contained several specific things:

  • Through Abraham God would make a great nation
  • God would bless Abraham
  • God would make the name of Abraham great
  • Through Abraham God would bless all the families of the earth

Through a choice people, God would continue his Mission.  God’s covenant with Abraham is ratified in Gen. 15:1-18) by God alone passing through the sacrificed animals.  This covenant was not dependent upon Abraham’s participation or obedience, but rested completely upon the character of God Himself!

In keeping with Paul in Romans 4, the Abrahamic covenant provides the basis for God’s offer of salvation to Jews and Gentiles alike. 

The Law of Moses

God raised up Moses to deliver the new nation of Israel from the “womb” of Egypt and lead them to the land God had promised to Abraham.  A nation is born!  Here was a people through whom God would reflect His glory among the nations.

Through Moses God gave His people the Law, the place of worship, the tabernacle and finally the temple. 

The OT sacrificial system taught the people that there were terrible consequences to sin, consequences that they could do nothing about through any effort of their own.  There was one horrible outcome of sin:  Death!  The Mission of God was to redeem and restore His people by one day sending a perfect “Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!” (Jn.1:29)

The Prophets

The prophets told of a day when God’s redemptive work would flow past the boundaries of the nation of Israel and would encompass the entire world! Messiah would come and though He would be rejected by Israel, He would accomplish God’s mission of redemption so that whoever believes in Him – Jew or Gentile – would be saved. (Is. 11:9-10; 45:22; 52:13-53:12).

God has chosen Israel is to be a light to the Gentiles.  They are to call the peoples of the world back to God (Is. 42:6; 49:6).

Read Joel 2:28; Amos 9:11-12; Habakkuk 2:14; and Micah 4:1-4 (see 34-35). In the context of these passages I do not believe the writers are talking about the expansion of the church, but specific promises to the nation of Israel.

The prophet Jonah provides a snapshot of God’s global agenda.  Clearly on display is His compassion for the nations and His sovereign purpose of bringing them salvation.

  • Jonah was afraid God would show mercy on this nation he so hated (4:1-3). 
  • Jonah flees – God chases him and sent him to the Assyrian capital with a message of warning. (1:1-2:3:1)
  • God sovereignly shows grace to a hostile Gentile nation and at the same time overcomes the prophets resentment over God’s deliverance of Nineveh. (4:11)

The Writings

The Wisdom literature of the Old Testament also reveal the theme of Missio Dei.  God is sends people to deliver people and bring them back to Himself.  God reminds his people Israel that the worship of God must be global!  (Ps. 46:10; 96:1,3-10)

God’s global purpose for His people is that through them the way of God would be known throughout the world! (Ps 67)

In Psalm 96 the mission of God is clearly articulated.  God’s glory must be declared among the peoples of the world (3), and these peoples must be invited to give the LORD the glory that is due to Him (7).  God our Creator is worthy of worship (5).  He will one day return to rule as conquering King (10) and will judge the peoples of the earth (13). 

God’s plan of redemption was developed through a particular people but ultimately that redemption would come through a particular Seed! (Gen 3:15, Gal 3:16)


God’s mission has been unchanging – to call to Himself a people who will worship and glorify Him forever.  In the OT the mission of God was seen in His selection of a people and in focusing of His glory in a place – the Temple.

As we are about to discover, Missio Dei, did not change, but the outworking of that mission is!  


Answers in Genesis Website

Moreau, Corwin, McGee. “Introducing World Missions.” Baker, 2004

Pratt, Sills, Walter. “Introduction to Global Missions.” Baker Academic, 2014

VanRheenan, Gailyn. “Missions, Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Strategies.” Zondervan, 1996

Brethren, Do Something!

In a lecture given in 1875 to the students at his Pastor’s College CH Spurgeon said, 
“We must be done with daydreams, and get to work. I believe in eggs, but we must get chickens out of them. I do not mind how big your egg is; it may be an ostrich egg if you like, but if there is nothing in it, pray clear away the shells. …… We want facts –  deeds done, souls saved. It is all very well to write essays, but what souls have you saved from going down to hell? Your excellent management of your school interests me, but how many children have been brought into the church by it?  Are sinners converted? To swing to and fro on a five-barred gate is not progress, yet some seem to think so. ……
Brethren, do something; do something; do something. While committees waste their time, over resolutions, do something. While Societies and Unions are making constitutions,  let us win souls. Too often we discuss, and discuss and discuss, and Satan laughs in his sleeve. It is time we had done planning and sought something to plan. I pray, be men of action all of your Get to work and quit yourselves like men. “ 

Saving Grace For Rwanda

Prudence is from Rwanda.

When she moved from Rwanda to Zambia last year she was not fluent in English. She came to CABC to enroll in English classes. Our admissions director, Kennedy Kaseke asked Paola Garcia to talk with her about her spiritual condition. Prudence realized that she was lost, and received Christ as Savior. Paola met her weekly for discipleship until Prudence moved to Lusaka.

Recently Prudence called to say thank you. She was grateful that we gave her the opportunity to “meet new people and to hear the real gospel” (quoting her words).

God is using CABC to reach and teach the nations. Thank you for praying for us and for the ministry here.

How You Can Be Involved:

  • Pray for new students to overcome obstacles and be able to join us next semester (July).
  • Pray for the Expository Preaching Block Class that will be held July 14-18. You can read more about the class here.
  • Pray about helping a pastor train at CABC by giving to our Scholarship Fund. $1870 covers room, board & tuition for an entire year!

Thank you for partnering with us to prepare a generation of servant-leaders in Africa for Great Commission living.